Drill are subject to change at last mintue

Emails will be sent regarding parents meeting, special event (parades,encampments,school), promotions, awards, color gaurd, canceled events, community service and gear list


Drill Information


  • Sign in 7:30 am
  • Sign out will begin at 2:45pm 
  • Dismissal 3:00pm 
  • Uniform of the day: Full cammies (blouse and trousers, cover, web belt, black socks, boots, boot bands) with green OD, camelbak  
  • Gear Bag:  PT Gear- (white socks,unit shorts, tennis shoeswith green OD shirt) guidebook, binder, paper, pen, black & red unit t-shirt  (sweater and sweatpants in winter only) 
  • Males must have hair cuts (for all events,drill, community services)
  • Females hair must be in a bun during all YM activities 
  • Lunch is not provided must bring own lunch 



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