Drill Information 

Young Marines Information

  • Sign in 7:30 am
  • Sign out will begin at 2:45pm 
  • Dismissal 3:00pm 
  • Uniform of the day: Full cammies (blouse and trousers, cover, web belt, black socks, boots, boot bands) with green OD, camelbak  
  • Gear Bag:  PT Gear- (white socks,unit shorts, tennis shoeswith green OD shirt) guidebook, binder, paper, pen, black & red unit t-shirt  (sweater and sweatpants in winter only) 
  • Males must have hair cuts (for all events,drill, community services)
  • Females hair must be in a bun during all YM activities 
  • Lunch is not provided must bring own lunch 


Recruit Drill Information

  • Sign in 7:00 am
  • Sign out will begin at 2:45pm
  • Dismissal 3:00pm
  • Uniform for recruit period: Loose blue jeans (no skinny), White shirt with last name first inital in black & front  (Smith,A), black belt, white socks, tennie shoes (that can get ruined)
  • Female hair must be in a slick back pony tail (no buns, no braids)
  • Males must have haircut 
  • Lunch not provided - Must bring healthy lunch

Drill are subject to change at last mintue 


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