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Who The Young Marines Are
Since the Young Marines‘ humble beginnings in 1959 with one unit and a handful of boys, the organization has grown to over 280 units with 9,600 youth and 2,500 adult volunteers in 46 states, the District of Columbia, Germany, Japan and affiliates in a host of other countries.The Young Marines is a youth education and service program for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school. The Young Marines promotes the mental, moral, and physical development of its members. The program focuses on character building, leadership, and promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The Young Marines is the focal point for the U.S. Marine Corps' Youth Drug Demand Reduction efforts.





Who The Young Marines Are Not

The Young Marines is not a summer camp, day care program or military school.  If you are looking for a babysitter, don't look here.  It is also not a "scared straight" type of program for troubled youth and we cannot "fix" your child; we take good kids and make them better.

The Young Marines is not a military recruiting station for any branch of the Armed Forces.  Young Marines do not carry weapons or receive any form of combat training.  While a Young Marine may decide to join the military when he/she turns 18, they are under no obligation to do so.  Likewise, participation in the Young Marines program does not automatically guarantee acceptance into the Armed Forces.  



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